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CollegeTips.in is a venture of CollegeTips Ed. Tech. Media Pvt. Ltd.
India's Coolest Startup
We are India's fastest growing start-up whose only aim is to make students' life Easy and Happening. So far we've reached and influenced the lives of more than 25 lakhs students from 4000+ colleges in 1200+ cities with the help of 200+ members working as a team.

Currently, our physical offices are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Indore, and Bhopal. And this year we're planning to step into a few more big cities including Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow also in one of the most happening states, Goa and our International offices in Dubai, Canada, Sydney & London.
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Four reasons: why are we everyone's favourite?
Like Minded People
Our community comprises members from a wide talent pool from all across the country. We have work for everyone here, and we respect everyone's passion. We believe that choosing our passion as profession is the best thing we could do!
We Love Parties.
Collegetips.in is a place where we not just work, but create beautiful memories with a splash of fun. Celebrations are a usual part of our life at CollegeTips.in. Every celebration brings an opportunity to create indelible memories and a beautiful album.
Creative Freedom
We are a content creation company, with No Limits! and We are Perfect at it! You can do anything you want to do! because we think, everyone is creative in their own way.
Super Cool Workplace
Our offices are designed for increasing productivity and a fun vibe to go along. An elegant yet bubbling environment is enough to keep you working joyfully. Our team consists of young, energetic people who aims to deliver the best. We strive to have fun in everything we do with a flexible work culture - which makes us India's coolest startup.
India's Biggest
Recruiter of interns
So far we've recruited more than 1.40 lac students from 4000+ colleges in 1200+ cities.
From Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing, Film Production to Marketing & Operations and what not! We have in-house internships in various fields for each one of you.

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We are Government of India's Authorised
Startup India recognized company
In CollegeTips.in, We have
For Everyone.
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  •   Internship & Job
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We know GenZ generation goes through a lot. But don't forget that "CollegeTips.in" is with you forever (and our forever is not like Nibba Nibbie promises that'd last for 3 months😂)

We'll give you the most relatable content because we understand you. Just like Joey understands Chandler.

So, we want you with us virtually holding hands and jumping off from the cliff of boredom to the thrill of fun and stomach-aching laughter.

Let's get high on humor instead of... Nevermind.😂

Get ready for more fun because this year many more surprises are about to come...keep in touch.
Vipin Tripathi
CT Classes: Social Media Training Program
It is a Practical Based virtual Training Program where you'll learn and practically implement your learnings for straight 30 days.

In this program, you will specifically work on Social Media Marketing and Content Creation for in-house projects of CollegeTips.in

At the end of this program you will earn Three (3) Assured Certificates.
  • Training Course Certificate
  • CT Care Social Work Certificate
  • 1 Month Internship Certificate
So Get Ready for a month-long ride where you will not only Learn and Grow but also Explore the world of Social Media Industry.

So Hurry and Grab your seat Now!