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Here we are presenting India's much-awaited and coolest
Summer Internship Program 2024.
Every year, CollegeTips come up with its Summer Internship Program, of course the coolest and fun-learning internship you'll ever come across. This internship covers the work fields like Social Media / Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Marketing and Management Skills, Film Production and what not?

In this 30 day virtual internship, you'll definitely receive certificate, LoR, upto Rs.10,000 Stipend, after completion of each module and lots of fun memories.

So If you have the zeal to learn something new and want to be the part of this roller-coaster ride, then register yourself Now.

Open for All Students Any Stream / Any Year

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Why is it the Coolest Internship of the country ?
Work on Live Projects
You will be the one giving ideas and suggestion on every new project. YOUR opinion would matter. YOU will get to be an innovator at CollegeTips.
Coolest Work Culture
You will stop snoring when you will work with us through online mode because when you work with us you get involved in fun activities which gives you a space for creating something new.
Dedicated Support
Your managers will be your buddies during this internship. They will be your problemsolver and surely help you in your internship report.
We will be your true friend till the end.
Certificate & LOR
Be a superman at CollegeTips define yourself through your work and get LOR and certificate based on your performance as we respect your talent.
India's Biggest
Recruiter of interns
So far we've recruited more than 1.40 lac students from 4000+ colleges in 1200+ cities.
From Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing, Film Production to Marketing & Operations and what not! We have in-house internships in various fields for each one of you.

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Explore, Expand and Upgrade
your skill set
Why this Internship is soo
Popular and Unique
  •   Easy, Fun & Skill based Task
  •   No need to Sale for earning certificate
  •   Flexible Timing / 1 Hour a day
  •   Interact with Students across India
  • & of course Lots of Fame & Fun
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and Cherry on the Cake...
Open Mic
& Many More

Intern Testimonial

Believe us!!
Come & Experience this Amazing Journey with us, where We share work, We share Joy, We share Sorrows but above all
We share & create Memories...

You are on your Way to Awesomeness

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Q. What is this Internship program ? Ans: Every year, CollegeTips came up with its Summer Internship Program, Of course, the coolest and fun-learning internship you'll ever come across. This internship covers the work fields like Social Media / Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Marketing, Sales, Management Skills, Film Production and what not?

Q. What is the structure of this Internship program ? Ans: In this 30 days virtual internship, perks is divided into 2 easy modules, you'll be definitely receiving something after the completion of each module, like
First Module - Internship Certificate & LOR
Second Module - Stipend upto Rs. 10,000 (Sales based)

Let us uderstand with example:
Case 1: If you complete the first module only, you'll be receiving an Internship certificate & LOR.

Case 2: If you complete the first and second module, you'll be getting a Internship certificate, LOR, Stipend of Rs.10,000 and lots of fun memories.

Q. What if I don't do Module-1 , can I start from Module-2 only want to earn money not certificate. Ans: No, it is a structured program. you can not skip any module.

Q. What will be the working hours? Ans: We have flexible working hour. You have to spend only 1 hour daily.

Q. Is this internship program going to happen virtual or offline? Ans: Our internship program is going to take place virtually (on Whatsapp).

Q. Is this internship program open for all students (like science, commerce, arts and others)? Ans: Yes, it is open for all students who want to learn & explore new things.

Q. What are the tasks going to happen in all the modules? Ans: You will be doing content creation, social media marketing, anchoring, sales, marketing, operations etc on live projects of . We make sure that in this internship program, every student is exploring and learning everything.

Q. What if I fail to complete the second module but completed the first module ? Will i get the certificate ? Ans: Yes, you will definately receive your certificate but only after the completion of your 30 working days.

Q. When is this internship program going to start ? Ans: As soon as you register, you will recevie further notification on your given Whatsapp number regarding your internship.

Q. Any Other Terms and Conditions? Ans: The company holds the right to admission to the program. Decision made by the management in case of any dispute will be final and will remain unchanged. Our team will always keep your comfort and satisfaction as a top most priority and so we expect a collaborative and respectful approach from members for anything in hand. The company requires that the intern obtains parental consent before they start their tenure. This is required so as to assure that the parents/guardians would be aware and non-objectionable towards any type of content that would be released in the future by the Company. All creative work produced and devised during a project(s), creative, digital, software files, and related correspondence remain the property - physically, intellectually, and in copyright, of the Company. Once final posts/videos are uploaded on the social media, WhatsApp Groups or website, will not be removed or deleted. The Company cannot be held responsible for any sort of controversial or inappropriate response. All photos and videos generated or uploaded on the internet would be retained on the media for a lifetime. If at any point during the tenure, the intern wishes to resign, they may do so but will not be invoiced any amount or certificate. The assured payment would be made only after the completion of the particular module. Any kind of misbehavior towards the company will not be tolerated and the company has all the right to discontinue an internship. In this case, an intern will not receive any kind of Certificate or Stipend. The intern is diffident to distribute in any medium any part of the Service or the Content without Company's prior written authorization. The employee/intern is prohibited to circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Platform or features that prevent or restrict the use or copying of any Content or enforce limitations on the use of the Service or the Content therein. In case of any type of dispute, the last decision is taken by the company only.

Q. What if my question was not answered by these FAQs? Ans: If you have questions that have not been answered in the internship FAQs Feel free to contact us at or you can call us on 7024577333