Digital Literacy Program
Make your Parents Life Easy & Happening
Since How long You Haven't Gifted
your Parents anything ?
Don't remember..? Or, Is it difficult to find a perfect gift for them?

Here's the moment for you to gift your parents a wonderful, exciting and convenient life...Through our Digital Literacy Program.

The Best Gift for
your Mom & Dad

The Gift you are looking for is CollegeTips Digital Literacy Program for parents. It is a Program for your parents and other elder members to help them get a stronger hold on the digital media platforms. We will also provide tutorials about latest Trends & Tech terms like what is tweet, meme, viral etc.

Wohhoo!! Most Importantly...Dance, Communication, Fitness tutorials & Fashion Style Tips too.

Don't think twice just wrap this Gift and Make your Parents Life Easy & Happening... It's worth every Penny!
It's time to gift them who always worked hard to avail us the best things ever.
What's in this program?
  • How to use mobile Apps like Zomato, Ola, Google Maps etc
  • Latest Trends & Tech terms like what is tweet, meme, viral etc
  • How to beware of online/banking frauds.
  • Health & Fitness Tips along with Dance, Fashion & Communication Tutorials
    and much more...
  • How it Works ?
    Don't know how to use zoom or other learning platforms. No need to worry because we teach you on the platform, you are most comfortable with.

    Yes, you are correct it is our very own WhatsApp.

    Every digital need and audio video tutorial will be available on it, in your respective language like Hindi or English.
    What's your Role?
    Just Relax and Chill!!

    You will be taught a new topic every alternative day. The time span of 1 day will allow you to practice that you have learned here and it is also convenient if you are a working person.
    The last question!!
    How much do you have to pay for this ?
    Just Rs.499 Only, for whole program.
    ya you heard right... It's equal to the price of One Pizza and Coke.
    Why isn't it
    free of cost?
  • Have you ever completed a course which was free of cost ?

  • Have you ever dedicatedly visited YouTube to learn various app?

  • Is there any platform where all this information about apps, memes, latest trends, and online frauds available together in an organised manner ?
    Here we go.

    Now you know why it is a paid course.
  • Course Insight
    Things you will learn
    Ola / Uber
    Transport Apps
    Zomato / Swiggy
    Food Apps
    Flipkart / Amazon / Myntra
    Shopping Apps
    Paytm / Google Pay / Phonepe
    Payment Apps
    Netflix / Prime / Youtube
    Entertainment Apps
    True Caller / Google Maps
    Utility Apps
    Gaana / Spotify
    Music Apps
    Tweet / Meme / Viral
    Latest Trends
    Want to Upgrade your Lifestyle
    •   Elders
    •   Parents
    •   Teenagers
    •   Young Adults
    • Anyone who wants to learn
    You will learn through...
    Recorded Videos
    Voice Note
    Text Messages

    Parent's Testimonials

    Don't worry about
    The Fee !!
    It's equal to the price of One Pizza and Coke...
    Yes.... It's Just Rs.499 for the whole course...ya you heard right.

    Q. What is the duration of the Program? Ans: Digital Literacy Program is a two months learning program.

    Q. Will we receive the messages daily? Ans: You will be taught every alternative day in a week. The learning videos, audios and notes will be available to you throughout, so that you can learn as per your convenience. The time span of 1 day will allow you to practice that you learned and will also be time flexible for working parents.

    Q. How will we get our queries solved? Ans: You can contact us through the same WhatsApp number, through which we teach you. You can either call us or send a text. You can also email us at

    Q. Will we be taught everything from the beginning? Ans: You will be taught from ground zero. We will even teach you how to download apps from Play-store/Appstore. You don't have to worry about having any prier knowledge.

    Q. How will we learn? Ans: You will receive voice notes, learning videos and instructions through WhatsApp.

    Q. Is the Registration fee refundable? Ans: The Registration fee is strictly Non-refundable.

    Q. Any Other Terms and Conditions? Ans: The company holds the right to admission to the program. Decision made by the management in case of any dispute will be final and will remain unchanged. 2. Our team will always keep your comfort and satisfaction as a top most priority and so we expect a collaborative and respectful approach from members for anything in hand. 3. Every activity that is a part of this program will be covered by our video production team and will be posted on social media and/or will be published on our forthcoming videos/post eventually. If any participant is in resentment with the same, it is to be informed duly before the commencement of the event. 4. Once final photos/videos or write ups are captured and published on social media and the forthcoming program, it will not be removed or deleted under any circumstance. The Company cannot be held responsible for any sort of controversial or inappropriate response. 5. We do not accept cash payment and will hold no responsibility for the sum if you have forced a cash payment for the service. 6. No refunds on participation fee will be allowed, even in case of any rescheduling. You are entitled to a refund in case of an untimely cancellation of the program altogether. 7. Nuisance of any kind, after the registration process will not be taken softly. Any kind of misconduct initiated by any participant will be strictly dealt with, extreme measures including termination of their participation immediately. 8. The content registered under your name should be original and not be pasted from another source. In case, a piece of content is found plagiarized during the background check, the sole responsibility will be of the participant. 9. The company reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which the program is offered. Member shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions with the team. In case of any type of dispute, the last decision is taken by the company only. 10. The company requires that the participant obtains parental consent before they start their tenure. This is required so as to assure that the parents/guardians would be aware and non-objectionable towards any type of content that would be released in the future by the Company.