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India's Most Pet-Friendly City
You must have heard of things like India's Cleanest city or the Greenest city blah blah..But where is India's Pet Friendly City?

Well! CollegeTips have decided to upgrade every city into safest place for 'your constant fellow amigo.'.

As the pets in our country get teased a lot by some creepy people who are not sensitive towards Animals. Also, many pets die of Starvation due to a shortage of food. CollegeTips will assist you in providing them food, shelter and health care if they require it.

We have started this campaign to spread awareness on the most ignored topic: How animal friendly is your city? Is anyone out there looking for these voiceless animals? How can you help them?

So, CollegeTip is here with Answers to all your Question..!!! All you have to do is join our Campaign.
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We refer City as 'Home' and the Animal its 'Pet'
What does "Pet Friendly City" means?
It will be a place where animals will not be scared, hungry or injured. Rather, they will be Happy, Fearless, and well-Fed.
How are we going to do it?
We will provide you a platform where you can find:

  • Awareness regarding the cause.
  • Pool of Animal welfare NGOs.
  • Volunteers to work for our campaign.
  • Donations/ Platform to donate for this campaign.
  • How can you join the Campaign?
    All you have to do is register through the given form. We will contact you regarding every animal welfare drive in your city.
    As a volunteer, you will get Lots of Happiness and a Certificate of Appreciation from our side, for working with any NGO and for the welfare of animals. The only thing you need to do is, "Let Us Know".
    India's Biggest
    Youth Community
    Untill now we have got more than 50,000 Volunteers for our "Pet-Friendly City" Campaing from all over the Country!

    You Are Not Alone..!!

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    Let's make India's every city "Pet Friendly"
    a initiative

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    Q. How can we contribute for this campaign ? Ans: You can join this campaign by either being a volunteer or create awareness for this campaign.

    Q. Can we donate money ? Ans: CollegeTips does not ask for money, but you can help us by giving food, medicines, clothes & provide shelters etc.

    Q. Any NGO working for animal welfare can join us? Ans: Yes.

    Q. Do you have to pay for being a Volunteer? Ans: No.